A Closer Look at Our Bras by The Dairy Fairy

What makes the Arden in One Bra so special?  

Great question!    

To start, its empowering.  It is the ONLY nursing bra that lets you:

  • Comfortably wear it all day long
  • Enables you to handsfree pump or simultaneously pump AND nurse
  • Adjust the cup size to fit your fluctuating fullness level, engorged or drained, which can mean a difference of an entire cup size
  • Look and feel your best, in an attractive and supportive bra

This is really revolutionary!

When should I buy my Arden bra?  

Pregnant women nest.  We try to get everything done and out of the way before the little one’s arrival.  However, this is a situation where patience might pay off.  


  • Our bodies change dramatically during pregnancy and post-partum.  A woman who was 34C pre pregnancy, may be a 36D, a 38C or a 34DD when her milk comes in and her body adjusts.
  • That said, our bras have a lot of adjustability (3 points of adjustability to be precise).  The back hook and eye closure has 4 inches of hook settings.  The shoulder straps can be lengthened or shorted and also crossed in the back and closed at 2 different positions, PLUS you can adjust the fit of the cup with our patent pending cross over panels.  So, if you really can’t wait,  a good guide is that in 2-3 months your ribcage will go down to original size and when your milk production stabilizes, you’ll likely be 1-2 cups larger then pre pregnancy size
  • A final reason to wait; when possible, it is recommended that pumping begin 2-3 weeks after birth, to allow your baby to get things “going.
  • Should you decide to get your bra in advance, take a close look at our Sizing Chart here *Sizing Chart Arden Bra* to make sure you get as close as possible to the correct size. 


How do I pick the right size?  

This is the most important part of making sure that the Arden bra works for you.  Contrary to popular belief, bra sizing is NOT standardized.  So someone who is a 34C at Victoria’s Secret, might be a 32D in another brand.  As a general rule, we highly recommend that you measure yourself with a tape measure (instructions below) and convert from typical bra size, to a Dairy Fairy bra size.  

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t go off of your old bras.  They may be stretched out and give you an incorrect size
  • Check out our handy dandy sizing chart and measuring guide to help you Pick the Right Size
  • If you are right between sizes, we generally recommend going with the one that matches your BAND, as the bra will not function if the band is not fitting properly. 


What’s the difference between the Arden and the Arden Naked?  

Basically the “frill” and its really a personal decision.  One is more sexy, the other more practical – we love them both.  There’s a time to wear something more “Seamless” and a time for a little extra somethin’ something’. The Arden comes with contrast elastic lace and contrast trim The Arden Naked comes without lace, and all trim is in the same color as the bra.


What’s the difference between the Arden and the Rose?  Both are pumping bras, and both are beautiful.  But that’s where the similarities end.

  • The Arden is much more supportive and is constructed using multiple layers that allows for nursing and adjusting
  • The Rose is a pumping bra but is NOT a nursing bra.  Perfect for use when away from your baby for extended periods, where you do not need to breastfeed.

What is your return policy?  We really want you to be happy with your purchase.  Our Shipping & Returns are there as a guide, but if in doubt, please email jen@nakedtank.com

I still have some questions, what should I do?  Contact Us - We'd love to hear from you!