How do I increase my milk supply? Is nursing on demand really the answer?

2016 Apr 26th

Hi Mamas!!

If you're visiting this post, I'm assuming you're feeling somewhat similar to the worry I felt when I had my first baby.  It was excruciation trying to sort through all of the influx of information that was coming my way.

Almost impossible.

Did the baby gain weight?

They are just using you as a pacifier.

They don't need to be on the boob all the time.

Don't nurse them for comfort.

Breastfeed them on demand.

Put them on a schedule.

Just thinking back on it gives me a headache, and a small flutter in the pit of my stomach remembering the anxiety that came along with it.

At some point though, I just decided to let it all go and I actually watched my baby's signals and cues.  

I also let go of anyone telling me their opinions and somehow feeling like it should be my thoughts on how to *properly* breastfeed him.

It was liberating to be able to breastfeed him, finally, whenever I wanted and know that I was AMAZING at comforting him with just holding him and nursing him.  I mean, REALLY, how could this NOT be normal?  

If breastfeeding them was not the way we were supposed to comfort our babies, then there is no way that they would be comforted when we breastfeed them.

With all of that being said, it was still on my mind at first if I had enough milk supply.

If this at all is worrisome for you, read the attached list on how to increase your milk supply.

Happy Nursing!!