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No fairy godmother around to help measure you?  Never fear.  With our fool-proof and flexible sizing, you won’t need her or her magic wand to find your perfect fit with your handsfree pumping bra and tank.


  • No matter if this is your 1st or 4th babe, each time is unique and your body may respond differently.
  • Although there is a lot of variation, most women increase by one to two cup sizes during pregnancy, and at least one size in the band.  So if you were a 34B pre pregnancy, there’s a good chance you’ll be a 36D in nursing bra size when you begin nursing.
  • You may also see a slight increase in the cup when your milk comes in and this may ultimately go down when your milk levels adjust over the year.   This is when the cross over cover panels come in very handy as you can tighten or loosen based on your needs.
TDF_Measurement Guide_1The first step to ensuring a good fit is to start with measuring your band size.  Measure under the breast a - See more at: parallel to the floor from front to back. Most women prefer a nice tight fit for extra support, so be sure to hold the tape measure tightly, but so that it is comfortable to wear all day long.
Then for your cup size measure the fullest part of your breast, roughly between the shoulder and your elbow.
Unfortunately, nursing bra measurements are not standardized and converting these inch’s into a proper size can be a little tricky.
As a rule of thumb, for the band, take your measurement and add 3 to get to your actual band size.
For example, if you measured 31″, that would make you a size 34.
The cup is a little trickier still.. we usually say to take the difference between the band and the cup, and each additional inch would translate to a cup higher.
Again an example would be a 31″ band (34 size) with a 34″ cup would be a 3″ difference or roughly a C cup.
1″ = A, 2″ = B, 3″ = C, 4″ = D, 5″ = DD (E), 6″ = DDD (F), 7″ = G
If you are ever in doubt, just ask for help; that’s what she’s there for!
There’s a lot of adjustability, so it won’t be too difficult to find the right size.




Once you have your regular bra sizes, simply find your measurements on our handy dandy chart.  

With all the options, virtually every mother can find the perfect fit.





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Using the Arden handsfree pumping bra is easier then you think.  When pumping, simply insert the pump flange in through the opening in the pumping panel and start pumping while adjusting the placement of the flange over the nipple.  It might help to shorten the shoulder straps to achieve a nice and tight fit.  Once you are done, simply disconnect the flanges from the bottles and remove from the pumping panel.  Easy peasy!


The Arden handsfree pumping and nursing bra is magically made from cotton lycra and spandex, and laced with love.  When washing your delicates, make sure all hooks are closed or use a laundry bag; machine wash cold in delicate cycle and flat dry.

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