“I’ve barely taken the Naked Tank off since I got it to use with my 3 month old daughter. It’s so nice to wear my pre-pregnancy shirts and not feel as self-conscious about lifting them up to breast-feed since the tank has me covered. This will surely be a hit with all breast-feeding moms out there.”


~ Erin Faith Young Oscar & Emmy Nominated Film & TV Producer


“I am a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I came across the Naked Tank while trying to find something to wear while nursing my daughter. I couldn’t find anything on the market that covered my stomach, but that also didn’t have another set of clasps and material for me to undo or pull up/down over my nursing bra. The Naked Tank completely fit my criteria. I wear it everyday. I find it very convenient, especially when I wear it in public because I can discretely pull up my shirt, and still have my midsection covered, and my breasts fully accessible.

I would recommend this tank to any nursing mother. It can help you feel more comfortable breastfeeding your baby anytime, any place and support you to continue to feed your baby as long as possible.”


~ Thanks, Becky


Fabulous Idea…I want more!

I wore my Naked Tank for the first time to an outdoor event with people everywhere. I loved how it kept my exposed midsection covered and warm (it was cool out that day) and I felt comfortable feeding my baby in the middle of a crowd. I also love the length, it peeks out under my shirt –love that look! Or, it’s fitted enough that I can tuck it into my pants as well for a different look. I hope you make it in other colours soon.


~ Wendy Howes Fernie, B.C.


What a fabulous tank!

I have been nursing my son for 9 months and find that the tank makes nursing less of a hassle and more convenient. It is comfortable and discrete. The tank is great for pumping as well. As a full time working mother who has to pump in a hurry, the tank provides easy access and saves time. I find the tank very comfortable, breathable and would highly recommend it to any new/existing nursing mother.


~ Kerri, East Amherst, NY


I LOVE my Naked Tank!!

When I’m feeding my 2 week old baby boy, my tummy stays covered, and I don’t feel so exposed. It’s also made out of the most comfortable Bamboo fabric, it feels great.


~ Marj, Guelph, ON


As a new mom I had a million questions. From breast-feeding to skin rashes! The one thing I was sure about was my naked nursing tank! I wore the naked nursing tank in the hospital underneath my hospital gown! Not only was it amazing for the use it was intended for, that being breast-feeding, but it also was unbelievable for skin to skin contact! I would stick my newborn baby underneath the top and his head would poke out ever so perfectly while his body was well supported! How these two incredible designers are not marketing this top as the number one “breast-feeding top” along with that number one “skin to skin contact top” is beyond me! It’s like getting two T-shirts for the price of one! This is the top I will be handing out at baby showers for years to come!


~ Marianne, Toronto, ON